Friday, September 6, 2019

All About Autumn // t a g

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. The smells. The Feels. The colors. Everything about it makes my insides warm as the chilly air nips my nose.
Now, I know that the first day of Fall doesn't officially begin for a few weeks now, but I am so ready for this time of year. Who else is with me?

I thought it would be fun to do a little tag about Autumn so here we go.

All About Autumn 

1. What are your plans for this fall season?

As many of you know, I am due to have a baby in mid November. Right smack in the fall time. Thanksgiving will be nearing and the cold weather will have settled in for a spell. 
My "plans" are to be settled in to my own apartment and preparing for my home birth. 

2. Which two things tell you that the Autumn season has begun?

Falling leaves and crispy mornings. How I love those cold mist filled hours. I prefer sunshine and cold but even the rain makes it feel so cozy. 

3. What are three things you love about the season?

The cold. 
I do not like heat. I am much more for the crisp weather and watching your breath drift in to the night. 
Who doesn't love a good chunky sweater? 
Wood stove. 
The warmth of a wood stove and the crackling of the flames is the most relaxing sight and sound I have ever experienced. 

4. What is your best memory from Fall?

Oh I have so many of those. 
Picking out pumpkins to paint or carve. Pressing apple cider. Playing in the fallen leaves. Our annual family "Fall Party". 
My most recent favorite memory though is from last season. Living in New Hampshire was extremely hard on me mentally and emotionally. Summer there was miserable for me and I looked forward to Autumn with everything in me. Finally the time came and I felt so relieved. 
One Saturday, in my big gray sweater and high top boots, Josiah and myself went to lunch at a local restaurant
They do one menu each month and of course as it was October, the menu was Autumn themed. It was so fun and romantic. 
Afterwards we strolled through an old cemetery (yes. I love old cemeteries) and took some pictures. 
A day I so needed. 

5. What is your favorite scent from Autumn?

Give me all the apple. 
Spiced Apple. Apple Cider. Apple Pie. 
So tangy and sweet and satisfying. 

6. What is the best way to enjoy the rain of Fall?

Snuggled in a fluffy blanket, sipping apple cider, listening to soft music, and watching the fire crackle. 

7. What is your favorite Autumn color?

Burnt orange. 

8. What is your favorite Fall inspired drink?

Apple cider. Though pumpkin spiced latte's may come in at a close second. 

9. What is your favorite food from Autumn?

Hmm.... probably pumpkin pie or something with baked apple. 
Of course I think that our family recipe of pasty is quite delicious and perfect for a cold autumn day. 
Oh! And stew! Roast dinner! 
I think perhaps I am hungry? But, what else is new. 

10. Which place would you love to visit in the Fall?

To be honest, probably *wait for it* New Hampshire. As much as I disliked living there I will admit that they have lovely Autumns. So much color. So crisp and clear. 
They also tend to have more Fall inspired activity options around like corn mazes and Apple Cider Donuts. Which, sadly, I never got to try. *sniff*

I  T A G 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

29 weeks pregnant photo shoot // 11 weeks to go

The other evening myself, the husband, and all my siblings hopped in to the van and headed to the local Falls for some photo shoots.

Daminika did a good job at capturing these moments and I am so happy we have them to cherish forever!