Monday, April 12, 2021

Hey Ho... Surprise!

 "Hey ho our family of three 

is growing beyond my 

mommy, daddy, and me 

Hey ho just how will it be 

when we add another branch 

to our family tree"

- Frances England 

Baby number two will be arriving (Lord willing!) December 2021. 

We are so excited to grow our family and watch Kate become a big sister! 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Multie-Medi // T A G

 No one tagged me for this, but it looked fun so figured I'd just do it anyway. They're fun to do if nothing else so here we go:

1. a song that describes you in some way 

Sleepyhead Mommy by Frances England (here)

Since having a baby, I am always aching for more sleep *laughs*. I have a toddler who loves to stay up late and get up early so that's always fun. *wink* 

2. a movie that inspires you 

Amazing Grace (here)

From the first time I watched this move, I fell in love with it and it always brings tears to my eyes and peace to my heart. 

Favorite quote: 

"Though my memory is fading I remember two things very clearly: that I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior." 

3. a book that the main character is like you

Maybe the character of Marty in Jeanette Oke's Love Comes Softly? Though she marries in unusual circumstances after the death of her first husband, which I can say with joy is not my situation, she is a young women who is trying to learn how to be a wife and mother. She makes mistakes. She cries. She laughs. She finds joy through the hardships and loves to care for her family. 

4. a song that you love 

Be my Angel - Lionel Cartwright

5. a movie that you love

Geronimo: an American Legend (here)

*warning* There is a swear in the trailer I linked.

Favorite quote: 

"My God... My God is a God of peace. A God of life, not death."

6. a book that you love 

Comstock Load - Louis L'Amour

7. a song you do not like 

Honestly, anything by Willie Nelson. I like this song but not his version. Just not a fan of him in general. 

8. a movie you do not like

Disney's Frozen

9. a book you do not like 

The Sky Above Us - Sarah Sundin 

It wasn't that the book was bad or anyting, I just couldn't get in to it. I was disappointed because I really enjoyed the first book of this series but when I got the second I found it rather boring. 

10. a song that makes you happy

The Ballad of Davy Crockett - Fess Parker

11. a movie that freaked you out 

Here Comes Peter Cottontail 

Don't let that happy little bunny fool you, this movie is nothing but freaky. 

12. a book that made you cry 

Heidi - Johanna Spryi 

13. a song you listened to a lot when you were younger

Mr. Mom - Lonestar

14. a movie you watched a lot when you were younger

Disney's The Light in the Forest

I'll let you in on a secret, it was because it had "Davy Crockett" (aka Fess Parker) in it. *laughs*

Favorite Quote:

"I lived among the Delaware's myself when I was little and I can tell you this: when a captive isn't killed he's usually adopted. Mostly for a dead relative. They baptize you in the river to wash away your white meanness and put brave Indian thoughts into your head and when that's done, you're flesh of their flesh and blood of their blood and they're not gonna let you go. Not ever."

15. a book you read a lot when you were younger

The Boxcar Children Series

16. a song that irritates you 

Baby Shark

17. a movie that kept you on the edge of your seat

The Great Escape (here)

Favorite quote:

"What were you doing over here by the wire?"

"Well like I told Max here I was.... I was trying to cut my way through your wire because I wanna get out."

18. a book that left you breathless

The Lonesome God's - Louis L'Amour

19. a song you listen to when you can't sleep

Savior's Shadow - Blake Shelton

20. a comfort movie

The Shadow Riders (here)

*warning* swearing is in the trailer. 

Sorry I talk about this movie so much but it truly is my favorite of all time and I could watch it every day. 

Fun Fact: Kate's name is from a character in this movie. I grew up watching this and fell in love with the name from in here. 

Favorite Quote:

"I say that's gotta be a Possy. Uncle Jack, you sure you've been telling us everything?" 

"Well it might be that other fella I shot over in Waco."

"You mean you killed someone?"

"Nah. Worse. His father was the mayor."

21. a comfort book

Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder

22. a song by an artist you normally wouldn't listen to 

Halley came to Jackson - Mary Chapin Carpenter

It's not that I wouldn't normally listen to this singer, it's just this is the only song by her I listen to. 

23. a book you didn't expect to love

Johnny Tremain - Esther Forbes

24. a movie you shockingly loved

Disney's Inside Out

Favorite Quote:

"You're going to get lost in there."

"Come on! Think positive!"

"Okay. I'm positive you're going to get lost in there."

25. current on-repeat song

Elvis Presley - Teddy Bear

26. currently reading

One Woman's West - Martha Gay Masteron

27. recently watched

The Sons of Katie Elder (here)

Favorite Quote:

"I'm going with you. I can draw pretty fast. We can be famous - like the Dalton Brothers."

"They're famous but they're just a little bit dead."

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